Since 2014, the Special Needs Committee has annually conducted a Special Education Survey to get input from parents of South Pasadena students with IEPs about District services. Copies of the surveys and summaries of results follow.


In June 2016, 135 respondents answered either the online or paper survey, making this survey the most representative yet (for demographic information, see the appendices below). The main information gleaned from this survey are that:

  • the vast majority of parents think the district is doing very well; the percentage of negative responses to almost all questions has shrunk to the point that positive responses are over 90 percent;
  • the weakest point remains communication of reports and supporting documentation from case carriers to parents.

For more detailed analysis, see the Review of Results of Special Needs Committee Survey 2016 below.

Review of Results of Special Needs Committee Survey 2016

Appendices to Review of Results of Special Education Survey

Special Education Survey  (English) 2016

Special Education Survey (Spanish) 2016

Special Education Survey (Mandarin) 2016


In June 2015, Over 30 respondents answered the online survey and about 70 respondents returned a paper copy of the survey. On the whole, responses were very positive, with a large majority of parents expressing satisfaction with most aspects of their children’s programs. Three areas of weakness in the District were:

1) fostering communication between District teachers/staff and parents about student progress

2) addressing parents concerns about the amount and type of services listed in their child’s IEP (Individualized Education Programs)

3) enabling smooth transitions to new classrooms/schools.

An overview of the key survey responses and comparison with the results from the 2014 survey can be found below.

Comparison of Overview of Survey Responses Between 2014 and 2015

Special Education Survey (English) 2015

Special Education Survey (Korean) 2015

Special Education Survey (Mandarin) 2015

Special Education Survey (Spanish) 2015


In 2014, approximately 55 respondents completed the online survey. Responses were similar to the responses from 2015.

Overview of Survey Responses 2014



The goal of each of the SPUSD Special Needs Education: A Forum for Collaboration was to record input from interested parents/guardians of children with special needs, and then to pass the input to the School Board, District staff and to the South Pasadena Council PTA Special Needs Committee for review. All groups could then use this input to work together to take action to improve the District’s services and ways of working with students with special needs and their families. There was no intent to evaluate the accuracy of the comments, to obtain data scientifically, or to take action on the input. The Special Education Forum was held on alternate years since 2007. Since 2015, the Special Needs Committee has moved to a survey to obtain information from parents because more parents can participate and have their voices heard.

Special Needs Forum Report 2013

Special Needs Forum Report 2011

Special Needs Forum Report 2009

Special Needs Forum Report 2007



The Special Needs Committee has hosted three Special Needs Conferences. These conferences are the direct result of local special education community forums (see above) held in 2007 and 2009. The forums identified a critical need to provide continuing education to both parents and teachers on best practices for special needs education. This conferences have been presented free of charge by the South Pasadena PTA Council Special Needs Committee in collaboration with the South Pasadena Unified School District. Below are brochures and detailed programs from past conferences.

Special Needs Conference Program 2016

Special Needs Conference Detailed Program 2014

Special Needs Conference Detailed Program 2013

Special Needs Conference Brochure 2013

Special Needs Conference Detailed Program 2011

Special Needs Conference Brochure 2011