The results of the most recent parent survey, conducted in May–June 2018, are below. They were presented to the South Pasadena Board of Education on March 12, 2019. The primary findings were:

  • That parents/guardians are overwhelmingly satisfied with the delivery of special education services by the district. Parents were asked about their satisfaction with various aspects of special education, ranging from the scheduling of IEP meetings, to the supports offered, to planning for transition from high school. The percentage of parents indicating that they were satisfied was 90% or higher for each question.
  • That parents/guardians report marked improvement in regular reporting to parents/guardians on student progress. This represents an important step forward, because communication by case carriers had consistently been the most problematic aspect of service delivery since we began surveying parents.
  • That some general education teachers are unaware of accommodations specified in their students’ IEPs or are not carrying them out. Most of those reporting this issue were parents of high school students; of the 28 parents responding from the high school, over 20 percent mentioned that this was a problem for some teachers.
  • That parents express great appreciation for the dedication and skill of special education classroom teachers and staff in the district. The committee commends special education teachers, staff, and administrators for their extraordinary commitment to our students.

The survey report and appendices may be downloaded below. Responses that identify individual teachers or students have been redacted.